Conditions Other Than Pregnancy That Should Warrant a Visit to the Gynaecologist

Seeing a gynaecologist when you're pregnant can help you and the unborn baby remain healthy throughout the gestation period and during the birth. However, there are myriad other reasons why one would need to see a gynaecologist and you must be aware of these conditions so that you can seek the attention you need early. Failure to do so will not only hurt your quality of life but it could also leave room for the underlying issue to worsen significantly.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy — The Recovery Process

Although a laparoscopic (keyhole) hysterectomy is not as traumatic as an abdominal or vaginal one, there is still a recovery process that you must go through before your body can return to normal.  Here are some tips on how to ensure a speedy recovery following laparoscopic hysterectomy. The pain Even following keyhole surgery to remove your uterus, you will still feel a degree of pain.  You may also experience nausea caused by the general anaesthetic.

So itchy and it just won't stop - cholestasis of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for many expectant mothers, but it's not always the most comfortable time. One of the complications of pregnancy that can cause much distress to a pregnant woman is cholestasis of pregnancy, which causes unstoppable and at times painful itching due to impairment of the flow of bile from the liver. Read on to see if you are experiencing this condition:  How do I know if my itching is cholestasis of pregnancy?